Sunday, July 1, 2012


Been trying out Eclipse Juno for a little while. I can't find any improvement at all in using it, compared to the previous version I use. Maybe I'll have to dig into some preference settings to activate that new spiffylicious Java Recommendation engine.

What seems to not have changed, in particular, is the Open Resource dialog, one I use three times a minute or something: still only prefix matching (you have to type the star yourself), still no reordering matching, and worst, no matching on folder names. These simple features would be worth a lot. 

I didn't import my old settings, so I had to manually set up some things; e.g. the menus. Why aren't the 
(new) Package, Class, Interface, Folder, shown by default? Easy enough to add, "Customize Perspective...", and "Menu" something. Checkboxes to check and uncheck. But why are these not part of the default in menus? 

And why do the group of 'Project' actions show at the top of the 'New' menu? It's almost ridiculous: 

Like that's the most common operations: 'we create new projects every three minutes, don't everybody?'. I sure don't. It's once a month or something. The class/folder/interface, OTOH. So uncheck all those project things, and you have: 


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