Friday, October 5, 2012

13K Methods Is a Bit Much

Profiling Eclipse 'Quick Type Hierarchy' popup using VisualVM:

...and VisualVM and the target both grind to a halt, or at least something indistinguishable from a total stand-still. And this is after giving VisualVM 1400MB max mem. I forgive it for locking up when it had filled up a measly 256MB, the 'factory' setting in the visualvm.conf file. And this time, the modal dialogs are responsive -- compare last blog post.

The mystery is, why does Eclipse have to call 13K methods to index?

I suspect that it actually does not. Instead, I think that it loads all those classes that it indexes. And I suspect instead that VisualVM overrides the class loading code to instrument everything that gets loaded.

There could not be a much worse match of profiler algorithm and profilee activity...

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