Friday, March 1, 2013

Motivation Mechanics

Yay, motivation post.

Here's an attempt to dissect motivational issues: "task resistance" from the task at hand (whatever that is), or is it the other "mental ambience resistance" (need a better term here), where you're sort of worried that you're doing the wrong thing?

The first kind: "Oh god I don't like this technology. Oh god the tools are slow. This is probably the wrong way to do this. My mind is deadlocking. Etcetera. ". Possibly also "Oh, god this is boring" although I don't personally find that much of a problem. If it's boring, it's good. It's when it's mentally challenging, but does not feel "right" or feels "ugly" technically; when the sweat-bucks cost more than the 'bang' warrants.

The second kind: a usually vague sense of guilt or insecurity. "Should I not be doing something else?" This can lead to: 1) thinking about what that "something else" might be. 2) Subconsciously "this is something else, and it might be useful, therefore I shall do it": eating, reading news, etc. Also second kind, but this could be motivational too: Will I/we get this done on time? Is there any hope of meeting the deadline?

Well, that could be restructured; I could make a list of these things and then classify, that's probably better. Or maybe it's been done, I'll google a little.


Well, I found this:, which is good because I've been thinking about that too -- external motivational factors, but it's not what I was looking for right now. I am looking for something on subjective patterns, phenomenology may be the word. Well there will be objective aspects connected to the subjective patterns, of course.


Ok, time.

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