Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Team Heartbeat

I wonder if it shouldn't work pretty well to run a team of developers like a heartbeat network? Perhaps the 25min + break running schedule of the pomodoro technique.

It might solve the problem with being disturbed by notifications, questions, requests. Discipline might or might not be enough; and usually you want to write down your error message or problem right away; to avoid forgetting what it was, and the context.

Of course, this system could be even tighter provided all relevant tools could support it: e.g. support holding notifications and messages that arrive during the pomodoro 25min work interval without annoying the workers out of their focus. On the other hand, with such tool support, or even better, one might not need the centralized heart beat.

Or maybe just turn off Skype's sound. But wait, there are other sounds, e.g. email. So if at least the apps on my computer could be centralized into one notification inbox. Hm, what about web apps? Ah, there seems to be an experimental API for that.

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