Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ten-minute Soul-selfie.

Ouch, hours left of January, but I only have a few minutes to bring together some bits of text from some drafts I made for a more ambitious post.

I think I may just be succeeding in overcoming the major obstacle to worry-free life: the friction/motivation problem. I have been trying to write a post about motivation in particular, a few drafts are the result. I will probably turn it into a blog post here.

For this post, among other bits and pieces, I made a list of motivators and turn-offs, because my current thinking is that it might be good to self-identify of sorts. Painting yourself in a good corner.

But, I'll just make do with my general principles.

Possible demotivator: seemingly pointless businesses. Immoral or amoral could be an interpretation. Examples: the gaming or gambling industries. Not that I could not work for them, but it'd have to be mostly for the money; short term, unless I would be in dire straits, of course.

Possible motivators: utilitarian stuff. Examples: medical stuff; science, research; bioinformatics; tools like travel planners; knowledge, education; or the super-meta-good of them all: developing computer meta-software, such as developer tools, better databases, etc.

Techical demotivators: high-friction technologies. Impedance mismatches, misadaptations, unsuitable tools. ORM. Slow tests. The common arbitrary project structure. Motivators: the opposite. Well, this actually demonstrates that technologies can really only be friction. You want low friction, small demotivators. 

Psychological demotivators: gung-ho-itude. Opinion. Attitude. Pessimism, optimism. Dis-humbleness. Self-evidential, gut thinking. Common sense. Motivational speech, motivational travels, motivational money (besides pay, of course). Paradoxical, huh? Nope. I wrote a draft post to explain this from how I believe creative processes work, but look up recent motivational research that shows this result.

Well, got to be going.

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