Friday, March 6, 2015

Three Big Bad Things

Aha, I'm writing about motivation again. And this time I'm motivated about it. 

I want to just get some things out of my system. The theme is, sort of, things about software development that have been sort of depressing. If I write it up, and put it out there, it might bring about a relaxed state of mind, I hope. 

So, there are mainly two things that are, or have been depressing. Well, actually, one thing that has been depressing, and one that only laterly has crept up on me as a factor of un-motivation, or whatchamacallit. 

Thing one, is this thing about estimation. Thing two, is about the meaning of doing things; and particularly in this case, the point, meaning, or 'why', of developing software. 

Uh, wait, there are actually _three_ things about developing software, that are cause for suboptimal states of mind. 

Third thing: fuck there are a lot of bad ideas, tools, libraries, methodologies out there, some of which I have had encountered. Note that I could not really say 'had the unfortunate luck of encountering' or some such; because it's inevitable to come upon these things, so I don't know if I've been particularly unlucky here, and there might be much worse things, that I've had the luck to not have to contend with. 

So; well I might actually say that the idea about estimation is one of those bad ideas, or methodologies out there. But it is such a big thing with software development. It's inevitable, sort of; I might give the anti-NoEstimation camp half a point there, about it being a fundamental part of human activity, the human pattern of behavior, or that wonderful expression: The Human Condition. OTOH, I am not sure the NoEstimates crowd really disagrees. It's all a bit muddled. The subject matter is muddled itself, by its very nature. 

But I am not writing to set anything straight. I'll let it be muddled. I only intend to write about what I have been thinking about all of this, for the last few years mainly. 

Actually, estimation might be a blog post all unto itself. And so could the meaning or why of developing software. And also the suckiness things. So, that's three blog posts queued up to write. And I feel good about that. 

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