Friday, January 18, 2013

Mysterious Chrome Websocket Connect Delay

Again, suddenly your Chrome browser stops connecting a WebSocket, or to be precise, it won't connect it immediately.

These the loveliest of errors, the ones without feedback. There is nothing to go on, no clues to debug. So instead, you irrationally suspect your own code (it hasn't changed). You revert changes to code you did, re-run, un-revert them, re-run, etcetera, swearing.

Luckily for you, this happened before, which helps debugging stuff where there is pretty much no clue what so ever. Takes some time, though, until you feel that deja-vu all over again. So now you wait longer each time before declaring a failure, and sure enough, as you remembered, after a minute or so, the connection succeeds. 

The malady is that you're having a Chrome extension, taking that minute or so to run. I would guess that this is caused by its not being able to connect, or something like that. Maybe a server is down. Maybe the minute-or-so is the time-out. Maybe the connections or failed connection attempts add up to precisely this minute-or-so. Anyhow.

So you disable the extension. (At "chrome://extensions/".) Mysterious delay, no more. That's what you do the first time.

The second time, you delete the JetBrains Chrome Extension. Why did you keep it after the evaluation period expired, anyway? There is even the cutest little animation of the trashcan lid ajarring. Awww.

...I don't know how it suddenly got reenabled. Or if it got reenabled, but worked fine, only to fail later, i.e. just now. Maybe Chrome somehow restored older settings during the frequent crashes I subject it to. 

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