Sunday, January 13, 2013


This'll be a first status post, just so I post at least something today. I've written two or three drafts of a sort of status posts already, not quite right. The point would be to look ahead, and promise to post something. Or at least lay out some possible future titles, or give a direction. So that I may eventually come to do it.

The direction will be more of things not written much about so far: project & software architecture, philosophy (todo: find a better word), sociology, psychology, management (better word?).

I've made up some titles. They are in varying levels of drafting. Let's see...

Uncertainty Is Kryptonite
The Fog of Development
Recreational Downtime
When Is It Fun?
Findability in Project
No Code Is an Island (May become 'no language ...')
Remuneration Paradox
Is Happiness Necessary for Productivity?
Risk Sharing
Polyglot: Hot Or Not
Ideal Circumstances
Maximum Project Size
The Right Way

That's the new kind of posts. There'll probably also be some that are closer to the old kind...but better. Drafts:

List of Coding Habits I Have That Might Seem Odd
What I Worry About When Coding
How To Stop Worrying And Love Maven (Note: title is half lie, half wrong.)
The Eclipse Super-Flaw

Anyway, got to stop now. No promises. Later.

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