Monday, February 25, 2013

Eclipse+Maven Wimper

Yep, Eclipse + Maven again. The horror, the suckage, the demoralization. "Importing Maven projects (Cancel Requested)" again. What. Is. It. Doing? Why. Doesn't. It. Cancel? Although. There. Is. No. Network. Activity? Make It Stop. Or. Please. Kill. Me.

(Update: solution found, see below.)


Oh, this is a new one: since the import didn't succeed, it seems the project wasn't added to the project list; as was apparent after restarting the Eclipse. But the pom.xml was still open. Though not quite; get this: it seems unable to show me the source code without the project. Well, possibly because that's the last 'tab', and maybe if one of the earlier (more to the left) tabs fails to load, it doesn't try the rest of the tabs.

And how about this error: "Can't load model L/backend-core-jar/pom.xml". What's an 'L'?


Ok, so another repugnant E&M episode has been overcome. Solution: commented out a repository that one might suspect does not work so well any more.

Now, it would be nice to be able to run a check to see if the project can now be imported with this repository removed, but without re-running the whole maven download process.

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