Thursday, February 28, 2013

Worse Is Better

You all know or ought to know about the classic 'Worse Is Better', go look up if need be. Now, imagine the 'Worse Is Better' thinking applied to blogging, and think of this blog post as a sort of apology for the lowered standards for coming blog posts; and the fact that they will be much shorter. Which might be a good thing.

Now that I look it up, it seems 'Worse Is Better' is more about 'software acceptance', and not so much about the internal process of an author being over-particular about what sort of content is acceptable to release. So you see, holding back and reviewing may at least find errors. But the point holds: if you fuss too much about your publications, they don't happen.

The above applies to software too. But it is probably the case that bad software is much more damaging to the state of the world than a witless blog post. I don't know. Anyway, hereby declare the intention to never meekly 'Save' instead of 'Publish'. Better trimming your message than holding it back.


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