Monday, August 20, 2012

Chrome 'Sources' Note

What the -- ?

There is one script that doesn't show up in the Chrome 'Sources' tool. Same page in Safari, the script shows up.

The scripts/sources GUI design seems to have changed for the worse in Chrome, BTW. I have to click to get the list of sources to show up, each time it seems. And the target to click is really small.

But it's easy to fix. Observe screenshot:

See the little two-pane icon under Network? It looks like this ascii graph: "[| ]". Click that, and you get (back to) the favored (by me) GUI: the source list is always showing, clickable.

If you have a small screen, then Maybe the other mode is better. Maybe.


This is strange: now my js source that was missing, shows! Is it the same weird Chrome caching behavior that I've experienced many times, and that I imagine I am not just imagining... or am I crazy?

EDIT: no, it's not easy to 'fix': the GUI layout reverts next time you reload. Ditch-worthy. Back to Safari, I guess. EDIT: no, I meant 'when you load a new tab'.

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