Monday, August 13, 2012

Stack Overflow - Me Subjective?

I was going to ask another question on the developer's go-to site #2 (Google search is number one, I believe) Stack Overflow. But before I finished the question, I get a 'subjective' warning/hint: 

Sort of funny-weird. Makes me wonder what kind of heuristic they employ for this. The wording so far actually contains nothing at all to go on. Well that's a reason to close the question of course, but subjective? Must be the hardest thing to make a computer decide if something is subjective. Maybe it's some statistical calculation: 'your' and 'own' could be common in asking for subjective opinion, like 'what are your own views on X?'.

And what makes it guess that this is likely to be a finished headline? Now of course, it can't, headlines don't even have to be sentences; and don't have to end with a question mark.

Maybe they do get a lot of subjective questions.

EDIT: Yep, 'your own' seems to trigger the subjectivity. Substituted 'our own'.

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