Friday, August 24, 2012

Eclipse The Never Ending Source Of Blog Posts

The other month, I tried to filter out classes like "java.*" in the Open Type dialog, with little success; see, for some details. It does not seem to be possible, to any larger extent of usefulness. Now, I forgot about it and moved on with called life. But just now, this episode came back to at me. Trying to auto-assist at "import java.|" (the | being my caret), no java.* type name showed up. Weird! Annoying! Has my RTE library vanished? Did Oracle decide to cancel Java? No.

I had left my filter pattern active (the checkbox checked). It's the correct behavior, of course, we should certainly not expect the implementation to be over-complexified to handle this case, even though it is a bit funny to not get a match on your very explicit request to match "java.|" due to a filtering pattern "java.*". If you have the same sense of humor as me. Let's just be happy computers are still not anywhere near human domination in terms of intelligence. That, or they just don't want to help us.

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