Friday, December 14, 2012

Maven Idea

Here's a radical idea to simplify the usage of Maven, especially when considering Eclipse cooperation.

How about not using test scope, but instead create a 'project-test' for every 'project'? Some advantages:

The pom.xml files will be cleaner.

The single-classpath Eclipse will not be a problem any more.

One will not have to think about the interaction between the declared dependency scope and the importing dependency scope. (Unfortunately, the 'provided' scope is still needed, but that is pretty simple.)

If one would want to import test code into another project, no need to fiddle with '-tests' attachment.

One can build with-out tests, which is quicker, and could likely allow tests to be run quicker, ironically, because of parallel execution. Or you could collect all tests before running them.

The odd thing is that maven wasn't designed this way from the start. It would have dispensed with a lot of extra complexity. Etcetera.

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