Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Subclipse Purple/Blue Cylinder: Normal, Copied...and Switched

New Subclipse stuff I didn't know I didn't want to know: purple cylinder icon. Using the properties dialog, and clicking the 'Subversion' label, this seems to mean "Status: normal, switched, copied"; instead of what the yellow cylinder means: "Status: normal, copied". Now how did this happen? I just tried to clone a folder as usual. The files in that folder has these purple cylinders.

(And why does it show a spinning beachball just to pop up that Properties dialog? Does it fetch all the data before popping up the dialog? WT*?)

Googling for purple cylinder...I found this link, although it is referred to as 'blue'.


The meaning of the blue is simple - the affected resources is "switched",
i.e. the working copy is mixed and the blue file is from different branch
than its parent directory. 
So, clearly something went wrong during the clone (actually, I use 'rename' to clone). I remember an error popup (there is an error popup I'd say 30-50% of the time with Subclipse), but then the renamed/cloned folder showed up anyway, as it does in cases. 

Simple solution would be to delete and revert the children, right? Tried it, the purple/blue cylinders show up again! After a revert, how can the working copy be mixed?!?

Deleted the whole folder, reverted, still mixed. WT*? 

Do I dare commit it? First, let's make a screenshot. 

Now then. 

Ah, could commit, they are not changed. Odd. 

Ok, this is fun: just made a 'Synchronize' on the 'site' folder, and now there's question marks instead! Well, that makes a lot more sense; either the revert or something else fixed this, but Subclipse failed to notice. 

Tried to rename the folder into _lib again. As usual: 

But this time, I get the folder with blue cylinder too!

Let's see if they're really what they say they are...

Nope, this time, brining the Synchronize to bear didn't change the looks. And nothing else I tried.
Errors. Cleanup menu item gone.

So, this means Terminal. This is why I have files called "shell_in_this_dir.command" containing this code in strategic positions in the source tree:

cd $(dirname $0)
And then "svn cleanup". Refresh, Subclipse icons back to question marks again.


Anyway, I think the unerlying problem here is that I am doing operations that svn or Subclipse does not support: making these changes inside a cloned folder. I'll have to commit the clone first.


Yes, worked better. So the point of this article... reduces to:

(*) screenshots of blue icons.
(*) always commit clones before starting moving folders around in them.

No wonder the revision numbers keep rising so fast, when you have to commit all the time to feel and/or be safe.

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