Monday, December 3, 2012

Maven Copy Plugin

This (new?) Maven 'copy' plugin:, seems to be a useful tool to simplify some Maven projects. It seems to be a good way to using a minimal number of plugins for common tasks. This is not a deep review; I'm just blogging this as sort of a mental note.

But it could be used for the following problem: I recently learned a second way that the 'real' Maven and running under the Eclipse Maven plugin differs, in that resource files in /src/man/java are copied; but not so with Maven defaults. (The other difference I know of is that Eclipse has only one classpath, the same for both src/test and src/main. Fertile ground for bad imports.) It's easy to add with a standard plugin, but if you have many such small tasks, then possibly this 'copy' plugin will be better than a bunch of disparate plugins. Maven is verbose enough, I think.

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