Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Artifactory Online: Reviewlet

Reviewlet of Artifactory Online.

Home Url:

Sign-Up: easy, but a bit too much filling in of forms. And either there's a glitch, or I mistyped something: the first confirmation mail didn't get back, so I had to add a '2' to the chosen domain, as it was reported as taken. Oh well.

Clicking confirmation link brought me in to the setup process, very simple, a bit slow; but from an implementor viewpoint I can see that it may be hard to keep a pool of fired-up instances ready.

I managed to snap these screenshot during the automatic process:


Next comes the finding-your-way. I dabbled with Nexus and Artifactory a few years back, so I recognize some of the repo naming schemes. But even thinking a bit, I must confess that I don't remember really fully understanding the scheme.

I am looking to have two 'permissions' of repos, one publicly available, and one for internal libraries. Well, actually, only the public one is really needed. So how do you do such a thing? Not immediately obvious if it is part of the factory set-up or not.


Ok, so an unexpected item in the review: finding-your-way-back-to-the-app. Can't seem to find a link from the main page. So I guess browser history, or find the confirmation email in the email history.


The repository search browser is pretty nice; I like to have this comprehensive data available like this:

Here, to the left (in this partial screenshot) you can see the list of repos. None of these seem to be the one I am looking for: publicly released artifacts. All these repo names end in '-local'. I suppose the name I am looking for would along the lines of 'libs-releases-public' (and perhaps 'libs-snapshots-public'). Isn't that a common enough usage that the default setup might want to include one?


The search I can only presume that it works, since all the shown repos seem to be empty. Maybe the repo1-cache contains something to search Even such a general pattern as "*X*" finds nothing. I can't get a clue as to why. Possibly they are all empty. One has to click the 'Show...' link as seen in the screenshot to get that number, unfortunately. In each selected one -- not very generous.



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