Monday, November 5, 2012

AWS Alarm Super Easy to Set: Warning

Mea culpa: I must've not clicked the link in the confirmation email. Just tried adding my email, and now it shows up in the SNS console of 'NotifyMe'. Me bad,AWS good!

However... it would be nice if the AWS alarm GUI could warn me of such a condition as where a notification has no confirmed endpoints.


In a previous post, I stated that the AWS alarm feature is super-easy to use. That may be the case, but it seems to not have sent me the notification mail I expected.

So now I am trying to find out information about what happened, and that turns out to be not so easy.

Clicking the link next to the alarm status icon gets you alarm info -- good. Then you can get history data pertaining to this alarm -- fine. And even some JSON describing what happened -- might be useful.

What seems not possible to get, is information about the action connected to the event. I am pretty sure that I filled in the e-mail field correctly, but what else might cause me to not get that email? So I want to check the settings in the connected action, which happens to have the name "NotifyMe".

In the "Edit" view, there is this information: "This is an SNS Console managed topic and cannot be viewed". 

That's an unexpected complication. By the way, 'SNS' means 'Simple Notification Service'.

Entering the SNS Console, there is no trace of the email I entered back when I created the alarm. Mysterious. 

Why did I think that it'd be easy, and Just Work? It's a rare event -- like diamonds -- when something just works. I should've tried the alarm out, of course. 

Maybe there is an email sent as confirmation when the notification is set. Then you could check that email, and if you don't get that email, something is wrong. 

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