Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cleaning Keyboard

Hot tap water. Light scrubbing with some tissues and some detergent. Wiped it down using dry tissue. This is not an expensive keyboard.

Plugged the USB back in; felt no fear doing so, since I believe it is only indirectly connected to the laptop, driver circuits and whatever. Works, despite some amount of water remaining inside of the keyboard. No keys malfunctioning yet.

Has a slightly different feel though; perhaps due to the remaining liquid.

Maybe I'll have to keep tapping on it so that the keys don't become stuck after drying out.

EDIT: don't do as I did. After a while, the up and left arrow keys stopped working. So I unscrewed a gazillon (11 plus five) screws to open the case to wipe the internals. Now all arrow keys work, but the numerals five and six don't work, also two more keys (equals and plus, I think) don't work. Weird thing is that if I hit, say, five key and six key in rapid succession, I get: u6 u6 u6. But not in the reverse order, six key and then five key. Hard to tell which malfunctioning part of the keyboard makes this happen.

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