Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trying WebStorm

In JavaScript Development Sucks, I detailed some things that make it so. We can consider this a tools issue; at least as far as the language makes tool-making feasible. And it's easy to imagine pretty good tools for JavaScript. Refactoring may be largely out of reach with such a language, at least without assumptions or whole-program analysis. But that's not impossible either.

Am in the process of trying out WebStorm, an IDE in the IntelliJ family. So far:
+ autocompletion seems to be good; looks into at least files in same dir (probably also whole project)
+ it's aware of JS-specific features like 'arguments' -- if 'arguments' is used, an otherwise unused argument is no longer considered to be unused.

Well that's about it. I haven't understood how IntelliJ 'works', so it's pretty slow going. Maybe I'll end up with an expired trial period, as last time when I tried IntelliJ for JEE, forgetting about the period since I have work to do.

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